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Countryco Chemical Accreditation Courses are available to all users of:

  • Agricultural Chemicals (Herbicides, insecticides fungicides, rodenticides etc ) &
  • Veterinary (Animal) Chemicals

To know more about the different competencies covered under this Accreditation Course, visit the "Our Courses" section of this website.


About Chemical Accreditation & ACDC Courses

An Agricultural Chemicals Distribution Control (ACDC) License is required by many herbicide users in Qld eg contractors and most non-rural herbicide users. It is a requirement for most who apply herbicides using a powered equipment. This ensures that you know the ins and outs of the process and are skilled in following the strict requirements associated with it.


Who should have Chemical Accreditation &/or an ACDC Licence.

Many commercial users of farm chemicals are not farmers, but it doesn't mean they don't need to have a license. Most herbicide users in Qld should have an ACDC license especially if you use chemicals in the following positions:

  • Spray contractors
  • Local Government
    • parks and gardens
    • swimming pools
    • sewerage works
    • weeds control
  • State Parks and Wildlife, National Parks and Zoos
  • Hospitals, Nursing Homes, and Schools
  • Sporting Club maintenance and landcare
  • Mining and Gas

The same legal requirements apply to all commercial users of herbicides. Talk to us to learn more about these requirements.

Domestic users of chemicals.

Domestic users of chemicals, including farm chemicals, are exposed to the same types of risks, often with little understanding of the consequences of accidents or misuse. Thus, it is equally important for you to know the do's and don'ts when handling chemicals. However, it is not a legal requirement for domestic users of chemicals to have Accreditation or an ACDC Licence.


Chemical Accreditation flexibility of delivery

Courses are delivered to the specific industry experience and needs of the group participants. It is best to have some experience with the use of chemicals prior to attending the course.


Chemical Accreditation Course Contents

1/ Pests- defined

2/ Integrated Pest Management

3/ Resistance to Farm Chemicals

4/ Formulations of Farm Chemicals

5/ The Label and Safety Data Sheet of Farm Chemicals

6/ Residues and breakdown of Farm Chemicals

7/ Toxicity, Health and First Aid in relation to Farm Chemicals

8/ Personal Protective Equipment to be used with Farm Chemicals

9/ Legislative Requirements applicable to the handling, storing, transporting and us of Farm Chemicals

10/ Risk Management with Farm Chemicals

11/ Managing the Environment and Minimising Drift

12/ Crop Spraying Techniques

13/ Record Keeping

14/ Calibration of Spray Equipment

15/ Fill Mix and Spray Crop Chemicals

16/ Applying Animal Chemicals

17/ Principles of the Safe Use of Animal Chemicals

18/ Calibrating Animal Chemical Application Equipment


ACDC Licences Applicable for QLD only

We are now able to provide the Control Weeds Competency required in Qld for those persons requiring the Commercial Applicators or ACDC Licence. 

Contact us to find out more about this process.


NSW Boomspray Operators Licence

Contract boomspray operators in NSW require a Boomspay Operators Licence from the EPA. Applicants for this licence require the 2 Units of Competency included in the Chemical Accreditation course.

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