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Countryco Training Pty Ltd delivers Chemical Accreditation Courses (AHCCHM307 Prepare and apply chemicals to control pest, weeds and diseases & AHCCHM304 Transport and store chemicals) in Qld & NSW in partnership with Trainer Services Pty Ltd,  RTO No 40867. Certification is issued by Trainer Services. Pty Ltd.

Our courses are all one day, face-to-face, with some pre- workshop assessments for New Accreditation students.

Geoff Paton delivers Chemical Accreditation on behalf of Countryco Training Pty Ltd in partnership with Trainer Services Pty Ltd RTO  No 40867.





Chemical Accreditation Course Content

Our one day chemical accreditation course contents include:

  • Transport, handle and store chemicals safely
  • Follow chemical label and SDS requirements for transport, handling and storage
  • Identify a range of weeds, pests and beneficial organisms
  • Assess, plan and coordinate weed or pest control activities
  • Prepare and calibrate equipment.
  • Conduct site hazard identification and risk assessment for weed/pest control
  • Monitor the effectiveness of controls and any collateral damage.
  • Drift Management


About the Countryco Team

Countryco Training Pty Ltd celebrated 32 years in business last April 2019. Get to know more about the team behind these chemical accreditation courses.


Geoff Paton | Principal of Countryco Training

Geoff Paton is the Principal of Countryco Training. He started the business in 1989 after years of experience in agriculture, both in Australia & overseas. He also delivers Chemical Accreditation Courses for Countryco Training Pty Ltd.


After an upbringing  on a mixed farm in southern NSW and attending Wagga Agricultural College. His other experiences include:

  • Agronomy
  • Grain trading
  • Management of the installation of large scale drip irrigation systems (in the Middle East)
  • Regional manager for a fertiliser company
  • Manager of a rural chemical and fertiliser retail chain


Shirley White | Office Manager of Countryco Training

Shirley White is the office manager at Countryco Training. She is a farm girl from the  Toowoomba region. Shirl relates well to our clients. According to many of them, she is our greatest asset.


Andrea D'Arcy | Office Assistant of Countryco Training

Andrea D`Arcy is our office assistant and back-up office manager. Andreas dedication to customer relations and course coordination is paramount to the successful conduct of our courses.


Debbie King | Assessment Processing Officer of Countryco Training

Debbie King is responsible for the processing of assessments. Deb also assists with the logistics of courses.

Do you have any questions and concerns about the chemical accreditation process? We are happy to help. Contact us, today.

Countryco Training Information

Countryco Training Pty Ltd delivers Chemical Accreditation Courses in Qld & NSW. Our Courses are all one day and Face-to-Face. 

Geoff Paton is the Principal of Countryco Training. He started the business in 1989 after years of experience in agriculture, both in Australia & overseas.

Geoff delivers the Chemical Acreditation and Supervision Skills Courses.