Client Feedback

Entertaining & very informative. E Parkinson

Strong points: Practical examples, Details from experience, Quick moving, Engaging. Thank you. A.Belz

Great, enthusiastic instructor. Easy to understand. Very happy I attended. I will feel more competent in the field now. N Lambert

All given info was relevant. Presentation was efficient & accurate, with a pleasant delivery. Theory was applied to real life situations. The course shows careful preparation & expert delivery. Obviously, constant review takes place. It isn't broke & doesn't need fixing. L Kelly

Good points included: Easy interaction with instructor, ability to have questions answered, good practical demonstrations and co-operative atmosphere. D Spry

Lots of interaction & props. Very enthusiastic/passioate teacher...making it easier to follow. M Blommerde

Course strong points: The knowledge of the instructor & his ability to relate the questions asked to real life situations. T Tickle

Highly approachable (trainer) with questions. Expert level of training and making sure everyone was comfortable and knew what was being taught. Thanks heaps. S Neil

Trainers knowledge of the industry is excellent, with experience brought to the training. A great level of interaction & sensible use of practical exercise is appreciated. Thank you. R Aylwin

Presenter had very good knowledge & was enthusiastic         . K Shannon

Strong points of the course: Practical exercises outside illustrated what was learnt inside, The level of knowledge of the instructor was outstanding. G Hargreaves

Demonstrations, examples and explanations excellent. Listened. Did not discredit anyone. Used further examples when someone did not understand. Including working individually. Great day! Thank you!  S Redington

Very knowledgeable  trainer. J Williams 

Great, easy to understand and straight forward. D Dezen 

I learnt a lot. A very gòod course. S Russell 

Wish this course was on many years ago. It would have helped with spraying on other farms and workplaces.             W Johnson 

Geoff explained all areas thoroughly. A Beazley 

Excellent trainer. P Ferraro

Excellent course. Learnt so much today. R Tama. 

Lot to learn. Great teacher. D Moore 

Very impressed with the training & explanations were clear and concise. M Richatrds 

Great trainer / Good knowledge & easy to follow. B Arboit 

Very well done. Very interesting. B Montafia 

I enjoyed & learnt a lot of important info. R Cameron 

 Knows his stuff. J Von Nida. 

Off was very knowledgeable and easy to understand. J Ausyin 

V good, as always. G Cave. 

Very informative Trainer. Trainer demonstrated a clear knowledge of topics. C Townsend 

Enjoyed course. Very well presented. W Byrne. 

Excellent course. K Tanks 

Good for part time and small operators, as well as for larger operators. N Allard. 

Very practical explationx. R Mascadra

Enjoyed it very much. G Marsh 

Well explained & discussed. C Williams 

Very informative. Great presentation. D Sewell 

Very well presented & interesting. R Duxbury 

Got a lot out of it. R Gilbert 

Great course & v very well presented. S Lamb 

Highly recommend the course to make sure spraying is done correctly. B Rayeni 

Extremely interactive. S Conochie 

This was one of the best courses I have sat through. Had my attentionthe whole time. (I usually struggle with classroom work) S Groves 

Awesome day. Learned a lot. D Hall 

Very informative course. Highly recommend. Cheers. J Bryant 9/6/16

Thanks Geoff. The course was great, easy to takein.Also thanks to the admin ladies. A Briggs 9/6/16

Great course overall. B Monteith 9/6/16

Excellent course and well presented and east to understand. C Webster 9/6/16

Awesome. V Barrett 9/6/16

Very well presented course. R Dugwell 9/6/16

One of the best presented courses I have attended. M Allen 8/6/16

I enjoyed the day & the presentation. M Dowe 8/616

Tter than an on-line course. P Binetruy 3/6/16

Very knowledgeable & well structured presentation. C Lay 3/6/16

Excellent, direct,on-course questions& answers from Geoff. Also, he has a good sense of humour. G Read 3/6/16

Enjoyed presentation. Was engagedduring the whole class. C Potter 3/6/16

Great course. Learnt a lot. M Casey 3/6/16

Very organised course materials and referencing. Good knowledge depth of subjects. Forceful presentation. Good atention by students. D Donnelly 2/6/16

Very interesting and touched on comments and issues that I was unaware of. Well done. J Smith 2/6/16

Good no nonsense course. P Krause 2/6/16

Clear and easy to follow. T Grab 2/6/16

Learnt heaps. T Van Heerwaarden 2/6/16

A good practical course. C Klinger 2/6/16

Very easy to understannd & learn.J Owen 1/6/16

Good day. Easy to follow. M Maycock 1/6/16

Learnt lots to put into practice. R Grant 1/6/16

Very informative. T Gerdes 1/6/16

Overall Geoff did an awesome job of presenting and conducting this course. T Brand 31/5/16

Geoff covered material well, and in an open and practical way. R Jenkins 31/5/16

Overall, all topics were dealt with and getting off topic was very minimal ie no time wasted. H Laurie 31/5/16

Easy to understand theory and practical examples and discussion. Easy to remember and learn. Very happy. Excellent teacher and location. S Hallam 31/5/16 

G Paton discussed information efficiently and was helpful towards any questions. He portrayed a great understanding of the course.           Z Barber. 31/5/16

Just awesome. J Klipzy 31/5/16

Very enjoyable. K Curgenven 31/5/16

Well presented. Geoff was very knowledgeable about the subject. B Simmons 31/5/16

Well presented.interacted with class. Kept everyone interested and attentive. S Davis 26/5/16

Very practical & useful course & well presented. Straight to the point with "no fluff". A Wade 26/5/16

Good day. I learnt a lot & got some good tips. B Stephens 26/5/16

Rally interesting course, well presented and good interaction with participantsE Shakeshaft 25/5/16

The boomspray calibration was very important. The presenter was very good at his job. R Cross 25/5/16

Course facilitator knowledgable on his course material & presented extremely well. D Wilson 24/5/16

Excellent presentation & presenter. C de Paris 24/5/16

Very entertaining presentation. J Trimboli 24/5/16

Great course, trainer was excellentat explaining topics. S Piva 24/5/16

Presented in excellent order. S Cadorin 24/5/16

Overall Geoff had excellent knowledge & experience on both subjects. G Bock 24/5/16

Very informative, light hearted & interesting delivery. M Carnell 20/5/16

It was presented in a way thatmade it easy to follow- It is a lot to learn all at once for a beginner, but very valuable. C Pech 20/5/16

Very good, learnt quite a bit. D Ferguson 20/516

Ry informatie, excellent knowledge. Geoff has excellent field knowledge and easily understandable. T Last 19/5/16

Well presented, clear, concise & plain English. A Reynolds 19/5f16

Very well presented. Thanks. C Ellison 19/5/16

Great course. P Sturt 19/5/16

Very experienced presenter/trainer. Practical & engaged all students, identifying with particular needs. B Flatelar. 18/5/16

A well presented course by a very knowledgeable instructor. M Callaghan 18/516

Very informative & interesting sessions. Geoff did an excellent job in explaining all relevant conteent & giving necessary extra info. & answering all questions. Very enjoyable. Thank you. M Dunford 17/5/16

Very well explained & demonstrated. Facilitator had excellent knowledge. J Anderson 17/5/16

Very informative. I have learnt a lot. Increased knowledge on calibrating chemical rates: eg booms etc. C Symingten 17/5/16

The course was thorough and very informative. Learnt a lot. C Oborn 17/5/16

Great teacher. Got the message accross. Very good. P Merriman 16/5/16

Well presented, good engagement, friendly rapport. L Butler 16/5/16

Very knowledgeable person. P Short 16/5/16

The course was very informative and well presented. B Edwards 16/5/16

Very captivating and informative. L Osborn 16/516

Great course. Thanks. B Brown 16/5/16

Very good, with a wealth of industry knowledge and experience conveyed. M Buckle 13/5/16

Bright presentation from Geoff made for ease of concentration. All topics covered fully. L Grant 13/516

I found the course had good focus on the importance of correct chemical usage and highlighted the heavy responsibility associated with this. G Eady 13/5/16

Informative and enjoyable. A Britten 12/5/16

Efficient and well run. C Williams 12/5/16

Clear. Takes time to help. Not complicated information. J Vanderwerf 11/5/16

Very good, as always. M O'Brien 11/5/16

Very good teacher. Explains things clearly.                V Johnson 11/516

It must be done. It's a great course. D Boney 11/5/16

I learnt a lot from this course. J Blacklock 11/516

Really enjoyed course. Was a very good refresher.  W Fitzgerald 11/5/16

Fantastic, comprehensive course. Geoff has such an excellent knowledge of the course material and is a  great presenter. For someone who has limited knowledge, I feel much more confident to use chemicals in the future. K Ryan 10/5/16

Great course, very knowledgeable presenter. R Moloney 10/5/16

Thorough and efficient. A King 10/5/16

Excellent. I Cuthbert 10/5/16

All round excellent course. M Pearce 10/5/16

Great course. Good refresher. B Smith 10/5/16

Enjoyed course, not too stressful, informative.          B Thomas 6/5/16

All aspects very good. E Ekblad 6/5/16

Very good. Calibration a lot easier now. J Gooley 6/5/16

Trainer very knowledgeable- kept course moving - gave all a shance to understand. T Charles 5/5/16

Excellent presentation. J Kelsall. 5/516

Very helpful and informative. C Kehl 5/5/16

 I really enjoyed course and feel capable of applying course. D. Aiden 4/5/16

Well presented, informative & paced for effective retention. L Metcalf 29/4/16

Geoff was very good with everything. Teaching & tasks) T Edwards 29/4/16

Enthusiastic presentation. R Singh 29/4f16

Great presenting. B Bourner 29/4/16

Very good communication by instructor. Involves everyone in group discussions & acts passionately. Great work! J Steed-Fitzpatrick 28/4/16

Very informative. Trainer very clear and easy to understand. Thank you GeoffJ Kennedy 28/4/16

Learnt plenty, very clear & easy to understand. M McDonald 28/4/16

One of the best courses. P Stuart 28/4/16

Have really enjoyedd this course and have learned a lot. Great information for a beginner in the Ag field. C Ellis 26/4/16

Geoff is up to date& very good at presenting & instilling his knowledge. B Joy 26/4/16

Well presented. Great instructor. P Peck 21/4/16

Geoff made it easy for us to understand, and showed us practical exercises to understand nozzles better. W Loader 20/4/16

Very good. Very easy to understand & grasp.             B Strong  20/4161

Good course. Very practical. D Searle. 19/4/16

Enjoyed & learnt much. R Irwin  19/4/16

Was a very good learning curve. C Heeb 19/4/16

Geoff was fantastic at delivering this course. Very reallaymansterms. Real examples. D Wallace 15/4/16

Engaging & knowlegeable presenter. Particularly liked the calibration exercises. Thanks Geoff. T Schaumberg  15/4/16

Very impressed with course, simple & easy to understand. J Prosser 15/4/16

To the point, very easy to understand. Keeps you focused. P McDonald  15/4/16

Very good. Enjoyed the practicality of the information. S Petrovic  15/4/16

Have been before, and shall return. M Vogler 15/4/16

This course is an eye opener for me, especially the calibration part. A Jalaludin  15/4/16

We were each treated as individuals, which made learning more enjoyable. J Barrah  14/4/16

Very informative. I appreciated efforts to tutor to individuals backgrounds. L Fowler 14/4/16

The course was really well done. Would highly recommend to others. N Bourke 14/4/16

Very animated contribution of everyone. J P Baumgartner  14/4/16

Very well presented. Job well done. J Steinhardt  14/4/16

Information current, accurate, well explained & easy to follow. D Taylor. 24/3/16

Learnt heaps & great refresher. A Roos  24/3/16

Very good speaker, straight to the point. Used good examples. J Rae  23/3/16

I found it to be very important & useful knowledge, to obtain & remember in this type of workforce.       G Strevens 23/3/16

Great at applying information to our fieldwork.        M Savage 23/3/16

Efficient, quick, presented well with lots of knowledge. I Rueter-Rosewood  23/3/16

Good, loved it. Would love to come back anytime. 10/10. Great to do with mates. W Barlow 22/3/16

Excellent speech and presentation/style. H Trainer  22/3/16

Clear, concise, relevant. J McVicar  22/3/16

Explained everything in great detail. Really emphasized the importance of chemical use & safety. I thought it was presented very well.              A Williams  21/3/16

Was good, always made sure we undersyood what we were talking about & very helpful. Thanks heaps. K Green  21/3/16

It was informative & relevant to my eork & experiences. T McMsnus 21/3/16

 Good presentation, well spoken, very intelligent. D Mitchell  21/3/16

Excellent presentation. Highly recommended. A+++ A Vincent 21/3/16

Well orientated and easy to understand. Z Mede 21/3/16

Well spoken, easily understood. Thorough explanations and additional humour which kept the mood going. B Hanchard  21/3/16

Instructor was very easy to understand, comprehensive  and informative. L Kindermann  21/3/16

Great. Relevant  to the man on the land. Love Geoffs no B.S. approach. D Scholten  18/3/16

Excellent  instruction  that was fast & informative. Wonderful energy & very friendly environment.         A English  18/3/16

Incredibly  well presented and explained. R Marsh  18/3/16

Got a lot out of course. A real eye opener. M Griffin  18/3/16

Highly recommended. D Turner  18/3/16

Very experienced. Certainly knew what he was talking about. K Fuller l 17/3/16

Great trainer, easy to understand & much knowledge. D Turner 17/3/16

Efficient & informative update of chemicals & their use. W Sloan 17/3/16

Very clear & precise info given by Geoff. G Hill 17/3/16

Very well run & presented. Delivered in an easy to understand form. M Hamilton 16/3/16

Awesome teacher. H Inman 16/3/16

Great course. G Sully  16/3/16

Efficient/ Informative/ No fuss. I Perry15/3/16

Well run & interesting. S McCrae 15/3/16

Well organised. Well run. M Smith15/3/16

Geoff Paton extremely efficient & organised & easy to listen to. Most informative course. Picked up several new points. R Keddie  14/3/16

Geoff is efficient and very easy to listen to & follow. You feel like you really get value for your money. Practical & informative. J Rogers 14/3/16

A very helpful and well conducted course. J Hollow  14/3/16

Very good update, with sensible advice. C Morrison. 11/3/16

Geoff. Well presented. Good knowledge of course. B Roffe 11/3/16

Very well done. Thank you. J Dowton 11/3/16

Presenter very competent. M McAuley 10/3/16

Very practical- common sense approach. G Pirie  10/3/16

Clear & pragmatic delivery. Very enjoyable. A Payne.  10/3/16

Learnt a lot. Very useful tips. J Hagar  10/3/16

Was an excellent course. Very informative. G Haase.  10/3/16

Many thanks. Great day. K Mann 9/3/16

Very well spoken, easy to understand. E Dalton  9/3/16

Very good. Learnt heaps. J Mitchell.  9/3/16

Well run - knows subject - good communicator.         G Bird 8/3/16

Very thorough on presentation & practical. M Campbell 8/3/16

A well run & very informative class. J Payne  8/3/16

Easy pace to keep up with, to understand. N West  8/3/16

Very good! Easy to follow & understand.  L Reynolds  8/3/16

Interesting presentation with history of cases to enforce points of importance- enjoyable delivery. D Harding Albury 7/3/16

Geoff presented really in a way we could understand and was understanding and waited for everyone to complete exercises. P Lavis Albury 7/3/16

Had a great day & learntlots. Many thanks. C Pooley Albury 7/3/16

Well put together & ,presented course. J Roche Tumut 4/3/16

Great. Well explained. T Derrick Tumut 4/3/16

I really got a lot out of this course. B Smith Tumut 4/3/16

Great introductory information & background. J Friend Tumut 4/3/16

Was easy to understand and very informative.          J Smith Tumut 4/3/16

Very good refresher. T Bassingthwaighte 3/3/16

Always professional. B O'Neill Young 3/3/16

Great practical & presentation. S Greenaway Young  3/3/16

Great course & very insightful. R Wilson Young 3/3/16

Very good overall. Very well presented. T Hanekom 3/3/16

Excellent. Very knowledgeable. Knew his stuff. Passionate. Enthusiasm was infectious. L White Bathurse 2/3/16

Course educational and relevant. Presented with interest. E Carlson Bathurst 2/3/16

All aspects were good. Thank you for the time spent teaching us. K Thomson. Bathurst. 2/3/16

Very good course. A lot of valuable infoormation in such a short time. J Brasch Bathurst 2/3/16

Very good, helpful & easy to understand. C Roach Bathurst 2/3/16

Great course. Very informative. M Russell Bathurst 2/3/16

Very educational & smooth running. K Worthington Bathurst 2/3/16

Simply the best. Really appreciate the assessor.       J Bunting Orange 1/3/16

The day was excellent. I came here expecting a dull day, but enjoyed it very much. R Banks Orange 1/3/16

I found it very interesting and insightful. J Blunden Orange 1/3/16

Very well done. Very informative. C Buesnel Orange 1/3/16

Very good & thorough. Enthusiastic Course & interactive with class. E Coninan Mudgee 29/2/16

Course delivered clearly & simply. Very easy to understand. B Green Mudgee 29/2/16

Very easy to follow. Good knowledge/experience of presenter. D McCaffery Mudgee 29/2/16

The course was very well presented; better than the last course because the content was much more thorough. J Naismith Mudgee 29/2/16

Well explained course. Easy to comprehend. G van Oosterum Mudgee 29/2/16

Very well done. N Hatton Narabri 26/2/16

Good job. P Berney Narrabri 26/2/16

Good course. Geoff didn't wander off topic. He cut through the BS & taught us what we needed to know. M Humphries Moree 25/2/16

Great course, learnt so much and had a great time doing it! Would recommend it to all farmers. M Adams Moree 25/2/16

Day was well run & god information. B Jones Moree 25/2/16

I enjoyed the course. Geoff is a great teacher. J Cartner Moree 25/2/16

Very impressed. B Gallagher Mungindi 24/2/16

Very informative, in an easy way, and given in a very professional, polite manner. M Phillips Goondiwindi 23/2/16

Good for everyone, no matter how much you think you know, and it doesn't hurt to be remind ed and/or learn something new. G Sloss Goondiwindi. 23/2/16

Very informative for new-to-spraying person. Good responsibility, actions and information. M Smale Dalby  22/2/16

Very good course overall. Very educational. A Lobwein 22/2/16

Geoff really knows his stuff.Great job. J Sperling Dalby 22/2/16

Great to attend Geoff. Quick & no nonsence. Enjoyed & didn't fall asleep. T Manthey Dalby 22/2/16

I enjoyed thoroughly. Thank you. K McClure 22/2/16 Dalby

Good open forum to review/discuss. Good practical demonstrations C Teague Goondiwindi 23/2/16

Great course. Very easy to understand.D McLaren 18/2/16 Innisfail

Very informative & well run course. G Worth 18/2/16 Innisfail

Good teacher. Excellent. Clear  explanation. K Vu 17/2/16 Mossman

Good course, good interaction, good discussions. Great learning outcomes. J Maunder 16/2/16 Gordonvale

Puts practical into theory for easy learning. Good on you Geoff. P Grant. 16/2/16 Gordonvale

Third time with G Paton. Hasn't lost touch.                 A Zappala 16/2/16 Gordonvale

Geoff is clearly very knowledgeable in his area of expertise. He presented the course well with little distraction. J Teague 16/2/16 Gordonvale

Compared to Chemcert course, felt that I was included in the course, and not just given answers. Actually learnt something. G Rodgers. 16/2/16 Gordonvale

A well presented course & manual, with good details to help increase students knowledge on spraying regulations and techniques. C Santucci 15/2/16 Mareeba

Presented well, good humour & vigour. Explained well. P Murat 15/2/16 Mareeba

Thank you and great work. A Curtois 11/2/16 Ayr

Keep up the good work. A Kelly 11/2/16 Ayr

Learnt a lot. Explained everything well. Thanks         T Campbell 11/2/16 Ayr

Spot on. Instructor very informative. P Lesone 11/2/16 Ayr

Well informed. Easy to follow. M Storr 11/2/16 Ayr

Informative, comprehensive & easily understood. C Mathiasen. Mackay. 10/2/16

Great course, useful  information, and trainer demonstrated excellent knowledge. L Bradford Rockhampton 9/2/16

Clear precise instruction & demonstration. M Thomasson Rockhampton 9/2/16

Geoff was very professional in his presentation.       R Bergman 9/2/16 Rockhampton

Very good course, great relevant content, presented very well. N Horon 9/2/16 Rockhampton

Presented professionally. B McCamley 9/2/16 Rockhampton

Presentation was great. Easy to understand. D McDonald. Bundaberg. 8/2/16

Very good. Explained things very well. Q Kindred. Bundaberg 8/2/16

Well presented. Most enjoyable. D Hose. Bundaberg. 8/2/16

Enjoyable. Informative. S Moffat. Bundaberg. 8/2/16

Very informative, appropriate & based to the audience. C Gilritchie. Toowoomba. 4/2/16

Presenter did an exceĺlent presentation in a friendly and very informative manner in an easy to understand way. P Herberich. Gatton 3/2/16

Everything clear, understood, and time taken to explain. (5 stars) B Scott. Gatton 3/2/16

Good course- informative- enjoyable- well related to practical application. M Brimblecombe Gatton 3/2/16

Very interesting. Actually had a very good day.         P Grant Stanthorpe 2/2/16

Was a good informal presentation, which was easy to understand and was fun to engage in. J Bourke-Connelly Pomoma 28/1/16

Geoff and his training was very informative. The structure of the course and assessments were very easy to follow and understand. C Cicchelero Pomona 28/1/16

Geoff was a very clear and easy to understand teacher. Couldn't have asked for anyone better to take the class. D Everett Pomona 28/1/16

Great course. A Lunt Glasshouse Mtns 27/1/16

Very well done. As usual. M Boardman Glasshouse Mts 27/1/16

Good trainer with excellent subject knowledge.        G Tattersall Glasshouse Mtns 27/1/16

Extremely knowledgeable instructor presenting a simple, easy to understand,informative class.           C Plowman Glasshouse Mtns

Very happy. Will put more people through the course. M Hall 9/12/15 Narrabri

Very educational. Learnt things I thought I knew about. Anything I didn't understand was explained to me respectfully. 8/12/15 D Kimball. Moree

A very confident instructor, who is passioate about getting it right. S Brown 3/12/15 Mossman

Easy to understand. Good examples. Plain language. W Davis 26/11/15 Mackay

Enjoyable. J Saunders. Rockhampton 25/11/15

Best course done ever. C Gibbons. Rockhampton 25/11/15

Good interaction between Geoff & class. Good common sense approach. K Forsythe. Murgon 19/11/15

Very well run course. Informative and very relevant. B Crook Mundubbera 17/11/15

Very well presented and made sure the whole class understood the materials and concepts. B Gowen Mundubbera 17/11/15

Geoff is clear, precise, informative, encourages & answers questions, doesn't waste time, assists participants generously. P Rienecken 12/11/15

This is a very well run, common sense course. Easy to understand. T Tramachi. 11-12/11/15

Fantastic course provider, informative. C Wallace. 10/11/15

The best knowledge of a trainer in any course I've ever done. A Schneider 6/11/15

Very professional, the best knowledge in the real world. A Arthy 6/11/15

A very well structured course with clear input and achieveable objectives. J Pierce. 5/11/15

G Paton is a great Assessor. Very clear. Vety patient. A Unold. 4/11/15

Very simply expressed and allows all speeds of comprehension to be catered for. D Radin 4/11/15

Great tool to take home. Simple to understand. R Wod 3/11/15

Thorough subject knowledge, clearly communicated. Tailored to individual requirements as much as possible. G Sharp 2/11/15

Presenter was very informative & explained everything thoroughly. D Widderick 2/11/15

Learnt more in this course than other 2 courses. Very good teacher. Made sure you knew what you were doing. D Parker 30/10/15

Great course. Very well presented. Trainer had aĺl answers and explained himself very well. C Newman 30/11/15

I really enjoyed the course & learnt heaps. Well presented & kept us awake. Thanks Geoff. T Faithful 30/10/15

Very well presented. Very informative. Highly recommended. A Faithful. 30/20/15

Geoff presented a very informative and educational course. I personally felt I was trained in a manner that will benefit my personal and professional wellbeing. H McCowen 30/10/15 

Entertaining & informative. N Henry 29/10/15

Very well presented, informative course -easy to understand. Came away very confident in use of all chemicals etc. M Cunningham 29/10/15

Very comprehensive coverage. I think more than just farmers (primary producers) need this type of information and knowledge. T O'Shannessy 28/10/15

Very good presentation- the interaction of class & Assessor. M Headon-Doidge  23/10/15

Very informative- great practical & theoretical presentation. C Fox 23/10/15

Good to see an instructor who knows and doesn't have to read, very refreshing. J Hayman 23/10/15

Geoff has a wonderful sense of humour-lots of experience, knowledge that he passes on well. N Lindgren 7/10/15

Love it that Geoff knows his course material inside out. Kept the timing on track. Good interaction with participants. P Colley. 7/10/15

Geoff was very informative and kept my attention with graphic, vocal and visual content. T Staff. 7/10/15

Very clear, easy to listen to. Answers important questions. Helpful when lack of knowledge.              E.  McDonald. 1/9/15

Well planned and set out guides. Excellent and up to date information. T Mackay. 1/9/15

Engaging presenter. K Conway 27/8/15

Well presented course. Geoff knows what he is  talking about and presenting. T Harvey 25/8/15 

Excellent presentation, fast passed, explicit with an excellent knowledge of facts. K McMaster 25/8/15

Excellent. Really learned a lot and opened our eyes to the changes and precautions that need to be considered when using chemicals. A O'Sullivan    25/8/15

Bloody unreal. B Mathies 25/8/15

Kept it interesting. Excellent. J Carroll 19/8/15

Very good manual. Excellent content - concise - easy to understand. Delivered well. P Uechtritz     19/8/15

The BEST training I have had. R Stevens. 11/8/15

Very knowledgeable on course content with great industry experience. M Hertrick 11/8/15

Excellent. Presenter, concise & effective trainer. Thanks, W Allen 22/7/15

Extremely informative. Great trainer. C Ruhr.         21/7/15

Well presented; to the point; assured attendees understood. B Carson 21/7/15

Well presented, easy to understand, made relevant to individuals. S Hutchison 10/7/15

Very informative, presenter has loads of knowledge that he shared willingly. P Bell 10/7/15

Very informative & engaging presentation. J Dwyer 10/7/15

 Good course, well structured, easy to understand, would recommend it to anybody working, or looking for work, in agriculture or the environment. M Hotz  9/7/15

All excellent, great methods, very interesting. Doesn't' waste time. Very helpful with lots of examples. H Ramsbottom. 6/7/15
Don't get rid of Geoff. He does a great job. Very informative. M Hore 29/6/15
Presenter knows his stuff.G Henness 29/6/15
Excellent presentation. L McColl 25/6/15
One of the more enjoyable & knowledgeable courses I have been to. B Stoney 24/6/15
Very helpful. Some great ideas for quick spray calibration& nozzle checks. D Stewart 24/6/15
Very informative& presented in an easy to follow manner. Good job. G Duffy.24/6/15
A must for all using chemicals. W Gribble 23/6/15
Very user friendly. Great interaction and enthusiastic presentation. Will have a profound effect on future farmers attending the course. J Johnston 22/5/15
Course well presented with digressions kept to a minimum. One of the better courses I have attended. R Hicks 22/6/15
I got a good understanding of the theory, as well as putting it into practice in the workplace. Very well presented & Geoff was more than willing to help the participants with any issues that arose. Thank you. C Wills 22/6/15
Excellent communication skills. B Reid 22/6/15
Daunting at first but trainer explained and tutored professionally and patiently so that I am more confident and knowledgeable. R Hall. 21/6/15
Very professional, concise and knowledgeable. D Rickards. 21/6/15
Geoff explained everything exceptionally well. Enjoyed the course. M Sourelis 19/6/15
Presented in a competent lively way. K Martin 19/6/15
Teacher was awesome. M Finlayson. 19/6/15
Thoroughly enjoyed the course. J Thorne 18/6/15
Far better than Chemcert 5 years ago. R Burrell 17/6/15

Well organised and presented. Great source of information. D McColl 15/6/15

Informative, concise & professional. M Calder 10/6/15

Very easy to understand and precise presentation. J Hetherington 10/6/15

The best course I have done. S Starr 3/6/15

Thorough and clear. One of the best teachers we have had. A Starr 3/6/15

Clear, easy to understand, relevant examples, calibration made simple. K Blomfield 1/6/15

Great trainer/assessor. He's a keeper. D Fifth.     27/5/15

Very informative & knowledgeable trainer. I find I have learnt a lot through his way of teaching. T Delphin 27/5/15

Geoff is very good at what he does. M Wall 26/5/15

Well presented course, with the course facilitator being very informative and has a broad knowledge of the subject. M Greensill 26/5/15

Very knowledgable trainer. Very concise. T Blackmore 23/5/15

Easy to interpret & professional. Good atmosphere. A Reimers 22/5/15

Geoff explained subject matter at a good pace with good consideration to how we will use the theory. B Jakisala. 19/5/15

Excellent course. Good demonstrations.  G Enverzagt 22/4/15

Practical and well presented. Information well designed for the targeted trainees. The presenter spoke with appropriate language and engagement for the targeted audience. K Antonio 30/4/15

Very engaging and thoroughly interesting.  learnt a great deal. R McVeigh 28/4/15

It's good to have a knowledgeable and helpful tutor with extensive experience. A Barnden 15/4/15

Good to receive instruction relevant to agricultural use etc beyond environmental application. Good balance of risk, hazard, application and management. S Melville 9/4/15

Most Informative. Great to receive continual feedback during the assessment phases. Great interaction. S Smith 2/4/15

Easy to follow. Good presentation. Explained well. P Halloway 31/3/15

Was very beneficial to my business. J Sullivan 31/3/15

Really enjoyed today. Well presented and very informative. Thank you very much. Worthwhile. 31/3/15

Geoff has done it again. Product knowledge unbelievable, and the right amount of humour. 30/3/15

Very impressed with the teacher on the day. Very informative and made simple to understand. L Gilmour 27/3/15

Course was well paced. Plenty of opportunity for participants inclusion. B Shepherd 26/3/15

Very enlightening, especially on safety issues. Awesome. B Vasilis 26/3/15

On time and very focused. Well instructed. Good engagement with class. A McDonald  25/3/15

Very good. Highly recommended. Thanks. Very informative. B Darcy 25/3/15

Definitely a course worthy of all people in the industry doing. D Hall 4/3/15

Very informative - Have come away re-thinking a number of my procedures. S Butler 4/3/15

Well organised, interactive and adaptive. M McMahon 3/3/15

Thank you Geoff- highly motivating, and good to be refreshed. R Williams. 3/3/15

Excellent calibration exercises compared to other training courses. M Munro 2/3/15 

Well run & organised. On time. Very informative. T Bartlett. 26/2/15

Geoff was easy to understand and explained things in detail. Was very helpful. Made it interesting. N Flack 26/2/15

Geoff made it very enjoyable. A Kent. 24/2/15

Geoff is very easy to understand and full of information which has been very helpful. Kept the course moving and added humour which kept us all comfortable. R Dray 17/2/15 

Very hard to improve on this course. M Parker 13/2/15.

35 years farming, still learning. Thanks. 12/2/15.  C Walker.

Geoff was excellent & obviously has a firm practical understanding & experience in all aspects of the course. T Cardigan 20/1/15

As good as it gets. R Marks 22/1/15

I would recommend the assessor to anyone. D French 29/1/15

 Excellent patience with inexperienced attendees. T Anderlini. 11/2/15

Geoff does a great job. We've been going to him for years. G Flegler. 11/2/15

 Easy, understandable. In plain English (laymans terms) Valuable information given. R Wyatt 22/12/14

 Q & A during presentation good & precise. Explanations thorough, and behavioural changes highlighted. M Deegenaars. 12/11/14

Instructor very easy to understand and happy to answer any questions. Made sure everyone understood fully. M La Franchi 12/11/14

Trainer/Assessor displayed the right attitude, knowledge & experience to deliver a high standard to the target group. C List 26/11/14

Well presented, made easy to understand. All done with good humour and patience. R Owen 28/11/14

Delivered in a very engaging, accurate, easy to follow manner. K O'Sullivan 28/11/14


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Countryco Training Information

Countryco Training Pty Ltd delivers Chemical Accreditation Courses in Qld & NSW. Our Courses are all one day and Face-to-Face. 

Geoff Paton is the Principal of Countryco Training. He started the business in 1989 after years of experience in agriculture, both in Australia & overseas.

Geoff delivers the Chemical Acreditation and Supervision Skills Courses.