Useful Tools

Calibration of Boom Spray Equipment.

1/ To calculate the application rate of a boom, the following calculation can be used: 

An example is included for your benefit:

A boom has a total output of 24 litres per minute from all nozzles, travels 200 mtrs per minute and has a swath width (effective spray width0 of 12 mtrs.

 Total Nozzle Output ÷ Distance travelled ÷ Swath width x 10,000                                                        =   Liquid (water + chemical) Applic Rate

                (in lts/min)   ÷   (in mtrs/min)          ÷  (in mtrs)      × 10,000                                                        =    (in lts/ha)   


  24   ÷  200   ÷   12   ×  10000   =  100
    ÷     ÷     ×     =  
    ÷     ÷     ×     =  
    ÷     ÷     ×     =  



2/  To calculate the amount of chemical to be put in a tank, the following calculation can be used:

Tank size  ÷ Liquid App Rate x Chemical App Rate = Tot Chem to be added to Tank

    (lts)                (lts/ha)             (lts or kgs/ha)                             (lts or kgs)   

                                               (from calculation 1)  


Spray Record Sheets.

Spray Record Sheets are included in our Chemical Accreditation Course Manual.

Others are available from Qld DAFF.




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