AGVET & Farm Chemical User Course Feedback

We conduct numerous Chemical Accreditation Courses each year. Here is some of the feedback we have received from our clients:


Chemical Accreditation Course Feedback

Entertaining & very informative. E Parkinson

All given info was relevant. The presentation was efficient & accurate, with a pleasant delivery. The theory was applied to real-life situations. The course shows careful preparation & expert delivery. Obviously, the constant review takes place. It isn't broke & doesn't need fixing. L Kelly

Very informative Trainer. Trainer demonstrated a clear knowledge of topics. C Townsend

Interactive and Enthusiastic | Chemical User Course Feedback

Lots of interaction & props. Very enthusiastic/passionate teacher...making it easier to follow. M Blommerde

Great, enthusiastic instructor. Easy to understand. Very happy I attended. I will feel more competent in the field now. N Lambert

Good points included: Easy interaction with the instructor, the ability to have questions answered, good practical demonstrations and co-operative atmosphere. D Spry

Experienced & Knowledgeable | Chemical User Course Feedback

Course strong points: The knowledge of the instructor & his ability to relate the questions asked to real-life situations. T Tickle

Strong points: Practical examples, Details from experience, Quick moving, Engaging. Thank you. A.Belz

Highly approachable (trainer) with questions. Expert level of training and making sure everyone was comfortable and knew what was being taught. Thanks heaps. S Neil

Trainers knowledge of the industry is excellent, with experience brought to the training. A great level of interaction & sensible use of practical exercise is appreciated. Thank you. R Aylwin

The presenter had very good knowledge & was enthusiastic. K Shannon

Very knowledgeable trainer. J Williams

Very knowledgeable & well-structured presentation. C Lay 

Excellent Explanation  | Chemical User Course Feedback

Strong points of the course: Practical exercises outside illustrated what was learned inside, The level of knowledge of the instructor was outstanding. G Hargreaves

Demonstrations, examples, and explanations excellent. Listened. Did not discredit anyone. Used further examples when someone did not understand. Including working individually. Great day! Thank you!  S Redington

Great Sense of Humor  | Chemical User Course Feedback

Excellent, direct, on-course questions & answers from Geoff. Also, he has a good sense of humor. G Read 

Attention Grabbing | Chemical User Course Feedback

Geoff was very informative and kept my attention with graphics, vocal and visual content. T Staff. 

This was one of the best courses I have sat through. Had my attention the whole time. (I usually struggle with classroom work) S Groves

Easy to Understand | Chemical User Course Feedback

Great, easy to understand and straight forward. D Dezen

Very impressed with the training & explanations were clear and concise. M Richards

Excellent course and well presented and easy to understand. C Webster 

Very organized course materials and references. Good knowledge depth of subjects. Forceful presentation. Good attention by students. D Donnelly 

Geoff made it easy for us to understand and showed us practical exercises to understand nozzles better. W Loader

Very good. Very easy to understand & grasp.             B Strong 


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